Super Alloys:

* Available in heat treated condition

22Cr-13Ni-5Mn Inconel 625 (tm)
A-286 Inconel 718 (tm)
A-286 Aged 1650 Deg F Inconel 600 (tm)
A-286 Aged 1800 Deg F Invar (tm)
Alloy 25 (L-605) Invar 36
Alloy 42 Kovar (tm)
Alumel Monel 400 (tm)
Chromel Monel 404 (tm)
Elgiloy (tm) Monel K500 (tm)
Hastelloy B (tm) Monel R405 (tm)
Hastelloy B2 (tm) MP-35N (tm)
Hastelloy C (tm) Nitronic 50 (tm)
Hastelloy C22 (tm) Nitronic 60 (tm)
Hastelloy C276 (tm) Rene 41 (tm)
Hastelloy C4 (tm) Stellite 6B (tm)
Hastelloy X (tm) Super Invar (tm)

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